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ads, that people love.
true native ads.
because people hate today's ads.
future of ads.
adblock proof.
influential. interactive.
ads, integerated in content.

Idea behind sponsdo

The idea of current form of advertisements is very lame and thus their significance has too seen a decadence as they do not influence users much. People do not want to be annoyed by ads and that’s the main reason for ever rising popularity of ad blockers. This questions the future of ads. But companies would obviously need a medium by which they can influence masses to use their products. Sponsdo doesn't make users click on some banner or any link on site/app, and instead they see specialised content sponsoring brand/company on the website only. Which is the forward thinking way to go!



Full article

The full article, as a sponsored post, would be wholly dedicated to the product.
Link to Example 1
Link to Example 2



The content, in a way would integerate in the article as well as product.
Link to Example 1
Link to Example 2



97% more effective


18% more purchase intent and 9% higher brand affinity


300X more attention of user


Upto 90% less cost

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